Special Session

  1. Computational Intelligence Approaches to Multidisciplinary Applications, Prof Leo Chen and Prof Zhonglai Wang
  2. Intelligent Reliability Design Methods and Applications, Prof Zhonglai Wang and Prof Leo Chen
  3. Invited Session in Robotics and Applications, Prof Dayou Li and Prof Hongnian Yu
  4. Complex System Control and Applications, Prof. Shengjun Wen and Prof. Aihui Wang
  5. Advanced Control and Applications on Smart Materials-based Actuators, Prof. Aihui Wang and Prof. Shengjun Wen
  6. Big Data Analytics, Dr Khin Lwin and Prof Alamgir Hossain
  7. Engineering Mathematics session,  Prof. Sergei Silvestrov, Dr. Milica Rancic, Karl Lundengård, and Christopher Engström
  8. Advanced Intelligent Control Methods in Robotics and Mechatronics Prof. Luige VLADAREANU and Prof Hongnian Yu
  9. CyberSecurity, Prof Alamgir Hossain and Dr Khin Lwin
  10. Innovative Real-world Security Solutions, Professor Hongnian Yu, Dr. Edward Apeh and Dr. Christopher Richardson
  11. South-east-west Mobility for Advanced Research, Learning, Innovation, Network and Knowledge (SmartLink) project session, Prof Keshav Dahal  and Prof Rameshwar Rijal