Other projects

This network has also successfully completed/currently running following European projects:


This network has been organizing the International Conference on Software,Knowledge,Information Management and Applications (SKIMA) since 2006. The last (SKIMA-2012) was organised in Chengdu University, China, 9-11 September, 2012 and the next one  (SKIMA-2013) will be in Thailand in 18-20 December 2013.The 1st conference was organized at Chiang Mai, Thailand (SKIMA-2006) , the 2nd one was  at Kathmandu,Nepal (SKIMA -2008), the 3rd one was  at Fez, Morocco (SKIMA-2009), the 4th at Paro,Bhutan (SKIMA-2010) and the 5th(SKIMA-2011) at Benevento, Itally.